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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our House Spring 2013

First day of Spring.

Snowing, forsythia blooming
And birds.

Four day old baby - child number 4. Daughter number 3. Six deep in our house now.

My oldest daughter celebrating her seventh birthday eating popcorn, and appreciating Roald Dahl by watching "James and the Giant Peach". It's about a seven year-old. My middle daughter is fascinated that he also wrote "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Big discussion.

Patsy from Ab Fab is on "James and the Giant Peach". It really makes the movie.

Slowly getting the house in order from our crazy Spring break: birthday party, new baby sister born, new refrigerator, and coming through weeks of colds, stomach viruses, and ear infections from the kids. It was a crazy end to winter!

We are anxiously awaiting for brother to come home from his grandparents get-away week in Benton. So not too much cleaning...a nineteen-month old will be here to deconstruct it.

Much work to be done, many preparations... but finally at peace in the chaos.

Thankful my Aunt Sue sent us a fruit basket with plenty-o-peaches because the girls are mesmerized by "life in a peach" and are consuming them like crazy while watching the movie. It could be worse.

It's all about choosing good children's literature. I'm always on watch for who they consider their heroes.

We started the day with peach muffins from our new grocery store. I've been craving to go there.

Now...what to serve for dinner??