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Sunday, October 20, 2013

We Love Our Books!

Cora (7 yrs) is devouring biographies. I hope her school library is ready! She loves learning "facts" about famous people. She memorizes their birth and death dates (if applicable). Her two pics for the week: Dr. Suess and Elvis Presley! I couldn't be more pleased...again, though I'm pleased, this is self-initiated. A little secret is that I have always loved biographies.

And, we've learned about "figures of speech". We had to clarify that Elvis did not actually "set the world on fire" with his music.  Unfortanately, I also must go back and revisit some facts. She is quizzing me. 

Oberlee (6 yrs) can't get enough of her kids human body books. Her newest fave is "The Human Body Encyclopedia". It's beyond me, but I love it. Her favorite things to learn about are they eyes, bones, and blood! 

August (2yrs) is loving the "Biscuit Books". They have the imbedded flaps with surprises and follows the life and times of the sweet puppy, Biscuit. He's into puppies and can't get enough of them! 

Miss Eliza (7 mo) loves to play with books and try to eat them. But, I enjoy reading to her and she seems to listen attentively. With her brother, we like to read "Haiku BAby". It gives a haiku for each season and the illustrations are wonderful. We are trying to start her early on the journey of reading and hope she will follow in the footsteps of her siblings who all LOVE reading time. Especially when mom and dad read with them. 

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself, any direction you choose."
Dr. Seuss

Friday, October 11, 2013

Leave the Mess! A List...

To all that say "leave the mess, enjoy the kids", I have a list:

1. You must not have to get up at 6 am to get kids ready and had to sift through unfolded laundry to find outfits, accompanied by a seven-year-old fashion melt down.

2. You must like to have toys strewn about the house, then step on a Lego sending your whole body into excruciating pain.

3. You must not like to have a place to sit when company comes over.

4. You must enjoy when your bare feet stick to the floors because your toddler goes on a "spilling frenzy".

5. You must like dirty bathrooms that you never get to clean because you are too busy picking up the mess in front of your eyes.

6. You must enjoy dishes piled in the kitchen because you were playing with your kids after dinner instead of cleaning the kitchen. 

7. You must love dirty glass doors with muddy handprints. It's cute and nostalgic, but what about when you finally get around to wiping them? It's a lot harder. 

8. You must love a messy car that has no bottom to it.

9. You must have a better way of coping with environmental chaos and I would like some pointers on that. 

10. You must have a full-time housekeeper.

Maybe I'm OCD, but is there not a balance? Maybe I'm just the product of a mother who kept an impeccable house. How do you have a clean house and happy kids, and time for yourself...not "time for yourself to clean"? Because the truth is - I DO NOT like to clean but I love a clean house. Lazy, huh? I'm working on it. But I would much rather take the kids somewhere fun, read books with them, and make art projects with them, than clean.

Daily maintenance and giving out responsibilities to kids seems to really work. But you have to start them early and be patient with the mess while you are training them. That's the only solution that seems to work. I must confess...I like a clean house! No judgements to any who have an unclean house, I do not have one either. But I long for the day that everything is in its proper place and clean. Sadly, it will probably be when my children have moved out, into their own houses, that will most likely be just as messy, and I'll smile at them, hug them, and say, "you'll get there"...just like my sweet mama does with me. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Top Ten Competition Movies

I have realized that I absolutely love competition movies. Some of these movies scenes have been playing in my brain for a long time because I watched over and over as a child. Some of them are new to me and am thankful for the recommendations to watch them. Here is my list of top ten competition movies. Do you have a favorite?

1. Breakin (1984)
Chaka Khan Dance Scene Montage

2. Karate Kid (1984)
"Best Around" Fight Scene Montage

3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1985)

4. American Anthem (1986)
American Anthem Trailer

5. Troop Beverly Hills (1989)
Cookie Time!

6. Cutting Edge (1992)
Final Routine Scene

7. The Mighty Ducks (1992)
The Mighty Ducks Trailer

8. Best In Show (2000)
Favorite Parker Posey Scene

9. Hunger Games (2011)
Katniss on Fire Scene - Tributes Entrance

10. Pitch Perfect (2012)
Final Bellas Performance

See more from VHI 15 Greatest Competition Movies of All Time!
VH1 List

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Seven Steps to Fried Green Tomatoes

1. Slice 1/4 inch thick.

2. Prepare batter in separate bowls (egg, flour, milk, corn meal or corn flour).

3. Season flour and corn meal with salt and pepper.

4. Batter them: egg then flour then milk then corn meal.

5. Fry them (10 minutes).

6. Drain and salt them.

7. Serve them with mustard sauce (3 tbsp mayonnaise, 1 tbsp Dijon mustard, 1 tbsp vinegar, 2 tsp sugar).

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Top Ten Places We've Found Molly

1. Working the front desk of the historic Natchez Eola Hotel in Mississippi.

2. Being held by the man who ran over her. (She was fine).

3. In the back of a police car wearing a Christmas t-shirt.

4. On a "found dog" poster.

5. Memorial Park in Bentoville, Arkansas.

6. #4 Lakeside Dr.

7. Front desk of the animal shelter.

8. Driving by in the back of a Jeep Cherokee.

9. Downtown Bentonville square.

10. Her house.

Our poodle since 2001.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Top Ten Games That Require Your Brain But Won't Make It Hurt!

Click on titles for game description.

1. Settlers of Catan (and all expansions)
I can't get enough of this game and love to teach it to any willing participants. I can't wait to teach it to my kids!

2. Pit
It gets your blood pumping and exercises your vocal cords. The vintage orange one is best.

3. Risk
A true all-nighter game that is imbedded with so many lessons on life and world domination.

4. Probe
One word - ADDICTIVE

5. Forbidden Island
The game where everyone is a team and you are competing against the fate of the game. Teamwork is the word.

6. Logo
Just plain fun, funny, and fabulous

7. Rook
My husband and I need some Rook partners if anyone is game. And, we play with the Red One!

8. Nertz
So many good memories about playing this game with dear friends. A multi-player kind of game. It's a blood pumper too.

9. Scattergories
This one is my personal favorite. If you get bored of their categories, just make up your own.

10. Memory
No description necessary - everyone knows this one. It's a childhood favorite that I am teaching my own children. We prefer the vintage 1980's edition for the pictures.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ten Best Smells of Summer Not Included On the Honey Boo Boo "Watch & Sniff" Card

1. Wet woods warmed by morning sun.

2. Rafts drying on the porch after a long day's swim.

3. The hug of a child covered in sunscreen, sweat, and sno-cones.

4. Gardenias.

5. The fumes from ribs on a smoker before lunchtime.

6. Fresh sliced watermelon.

7. You never know when someone's going to open a jar of homemade pickles.

8. Gasoline from a lawn mower.

9. Fresh basil from the farmer's market.

10. Citronella candles burning that never repel the mosquitoes.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Build Community: A Borrowed List

I was having a conversation with a best friend the other day about what it's like to have neighbors, to know them, and to have a community. We laughed at the fact that we could not see each other baking muffins for our neighbors and carrying them over to get to know them better. It seemes so ideal. Sure, I know my neighbors. They are sweet and helpful if needed. Mostly, I talk to them only because our mischievous poodle runs off and our neighbor down the street brings her to us. Sometimes, I think that he just sits and waits for her to coming strolling down the street. It gives him purpose to come and bring her back. I'm thankful for this. However, I do not know them or feel like we have a "community" on our street or in our neighborhood.

I think about my husband's grandparents who live in Shreveport, Louisiana and have lived there all of their lives. They have lived in their current house for over sixty years. No matter how time, socio-economics, race, etc. has changed in their neighborhood, there is still a sense of community. The neighbors who have lived there since the 1950's still look out for each other. His grandfather takes each neighbor their paper every morning, mows their grass, and has made himself the neighborhood watch patrol, watching out for everyone. Even at ninety-two years of age. I long for this but I realize that my sense of community is more global, and more virtual. The closest people to my heart live from fifteen minutes to six hours away. Nobody who I would call "close to me" is my neighbor. However, I still have a sense of community with them. We send recipes via email, we give each other hand-me-downs, we give each other advice on parenting and life, we drive to visit each other. But, on a random day, if I bake extra muffins, it is somewhat difficult to share them with "my community" without driving. There is no walking down the street, carrying a basket of muffins to take to them. I yearn for this.

Last night I visited my mother who has moved fifteen minutes away from us from my home town, which is four hours away. I worried about she and my step-dad and their sense of community. They only have their children up here and one set of close friends. They didn't have their neighbors that they have had for twenty years, who helped mow each others yards when one is out of town, who picked up their mail if needed, or watched out for each other's house. I wondered if they would find that again because I liked it and they did too. While the proximity to my parents is closer now that we live near each other, I wanted a community for them like they used to have. When we walked in the door, a big basket of fresh blueberry muffins that my mom had made was sitting on the counter for us to take home. I ate one immediately and it was delicious. Then, the doorbell rang and in walked a lady that lived one street over from their new house. Much to my surprise this lady is from my mom's hometown and lived one street over from her while she was growing up. They were the same age. They were friends. Now, they have each other again. And, my mom was giving her some muffins she made because she had baked extra. This made me smile. There is always a community you can build no matter where you are living.

Today's list is not from me, but from a poster I saw hanging at a retreat in Eureka Springs a few years ago. I think that this list can apply to any one's community. Maybe we can even use this list for our global and virtual communities in some way. My favorite is: "bake extra and share". I still have to figure out how to share muffins many hours away to people. But, for now, I'll just include the recipe that my mom used for her muffins. They were perfect.

(Click on picture for larger viewing)

My question is, what has happened to everyone's sense of community? Do we still operate by these simple principles of "loving our neighbor", "watching out for each other"? Or, is the virtual world truly destroying our sense of community. Can we still operate by these same principles on a more global scale? I can only hope so.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Son Likes Eggs as a Pizza

Farm Frittata

Some fresh farm eggs
Little milk
Sea Salt
Ground pepper
Asiago cheese
(all scrambled)

Chopped bell pepper, onion, tomato
All made in frittata style. Cut it like a pizza and Voila! Happy boy!

Ingredients were traded locally at Red Hat Farms in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Monday, July 15, 2013

10 Reasons I Hate Working In Theatre

1. I wrote plays secretly while I was supposed to be taking notes in science and math in high school. I might have made a good doctor.

2. Random settings, witty dialogue, absurd characters, and plot twists spinning through my head make it hard to fall asleep peacefully.

3. Working in theatre requires collaboration of many people to reach a final product, which keeps ones ego in check daily. Sometimes I am not in the mood for an ego-check.

4. Long rehearsals can make for poor eating habits and way too much caffeine consumption. It's bad for the heart.

5. You have constant epiphanies about life because in theatre you are always dealing with the human condition. Just when you have it all figured out, another question is raised.

6. Someone will always love your work. Someone will always hate your work. And, someone will always be there to tell you how it can be better. It's living under a microscope.

7. Theatre can be comparable to childbirth at times. No meds available.

8. If the production is really good, you'll most likely cry and ruin your makeup. Then, oops, your soul is exposed.

9. It takes self-marketability. I'm not sure one can be taught that without trial and error. No one enjoys the the later of the two.

10. At some point, your work in the process will come to an end, then it takes on a life of its own. And, you'll miss it like you would miss a child leaving home.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

An Abbreviated List of Ridiculous Street and Road Names

1. Telephone Road (McKinney, TX)

2. Zero Street (Ft. Smith, AR)

3. Dinette Circle (Keller, TX)

4. Chicken Fight Road (Atoka, OK)

5. Apple Butter Street (Springdale, AR)

6. Indian Switch Cut-Off (Eudora, AR)

7. It'll Do Road (Pea Ridge, AR)

8. Sharpness Lane (Bella Vista, AR)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ten Things I Haven't Missed About Cable TV

1. Any episode of House Hunters.

2. Feeling guilty for watching the Kardashians.

3. Commercials for Yaz lawsuits.

4. The Zombie Apocalypse.

5. People singing, dancing, or throwing knives that want me to text affirmation of their talent.

6. Being constantly reminded that my kids want Stompeez and a Glow Pillow.

7. TV shows about TV shows.

8. Being hungry while watching The Food Network.

9. Deciding what not to watch.

10. The bill.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Few First World Problems

1. Every episode of House Hunters.

2. The over saturation of chevron print is annoying.

3. When your so dissatisfied with the dining options in your community that you finally resolve to go grocery shopping and cook.

4. Your kids need your attention so much that you don't have time for an iPhone break.

5. Your hairdresser is on vacation when you need an emergency bang trim.

6. There's so much fun stuff to do in your community that it stresses you out and you sit at home.

7. You complain about the inadequecies of the roof over your head that really is quite comfortable. It probably doesn't have the right color granite.

8. You get stressed that you've ordered too much food at the drive-thru.

10. Your wireless router isn't strong enough for you to upload photos on Facebook while sitting on the toilet.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Five Favorite Fridas

For Frida Kahlo 
July 6, 1907 - July 13, 1954

To the artist who died on my birthday...Happy Birthday to the late Frida Kahlo. She's my fave!

The images speak for themselves. No need for explanation. However, her story is remarkable and her art is timeless. One of the best birthday presents I have ever received was last year from a best friend, which was an author signed children's book about Frida. There are links below about the book and other good information if one wants to find out more about this artist. 

Frida by Jonah Winter 

Real Footage of Frida Kahlo via You Tube. Good Stuff. 


A Constantly Revised List of Things My Parents Never Told Me About Being A Parent

1. You'll want to spoil them but not want them to be spoilt.

2. You'll always be in a constant state of nostalgia.

3. Patience is not a virtue like they say. It is an acquired skill.

4. You'll spend a lot of time losing and trying to match socks.

5. Unconditional love is real. Because your kids WILL grate on your nerves. Possibly a lot.

6. Things like eating and bathing in peace will be priceless luxuries.

7. Shopping for clothes moves to the kids section. Even if you have the money, you rarely have the time or the strength to shop for yourself.

8. The best stain removers and diaper rash creams will be more precious than gold.

9. Children are actually people...they have minds and wills of their own which may or may not go along with yours.

10. It's a job that you will never retire.

11. You can't get time back. So be diligent in spending it.

(I'm sure I will continue to add to and revise this list)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Four Favorite Foods for the Fourth

1. Tutti Bread*

2. Hand chopped Pico De Gallo* with fresh garden vegetables

3. Ribs or Brisket with homemade BBQ sauce (it's a family secret)

4. Watermelon Cookies*

All of these fabulous fourth of July foods are featured at the infamous Edwards 4th of July parties in Benton, Arkansas.

*Web links provided are closest to the recipes that are used in our family.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Traveling With A Family of Six: 10 Reasons to Always Have Plastic Bags

1. The Catfish King in Mt. Pleasant, Texas doesn't have real Catfish King hushpuppies.

2. Vomit.

3. Splash Parks are easier than baths.

4. Because hotels don't use trash bags anymore.

5. Swimming until check out time.

6. Diapers always happen.

7. Sacks for sacks of empty snacks.

8. You have to have somewhere to hide the toy you just took away.

9. Glass bottles need extra padding. Even in the ice chest.

10. You never know when someone might give you cucumbers.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Five Road Food Rules

Now that we are a family of six, I've gotten more stingy with how much I am willing to spend on road food. I call fast food "road food" by the way. I know fast food is so bad for us and even worse for the children. But, you're on the road, it's mealtime, hungry kids are whining, and you see McDonalds on the horizon. It's inevitable. We are going to eat road food from time to time.

What made me start making road food rules was when we got our $27 ticket at that said McDonalds. We all got some sort of individualized meal that was marketed so well on the menu. They make it all seem like it's a value and you are getting a deal if you buy the value meals. Well advertising is a beast and should not be trusted in the face of a hungry consumer. Especially one with screaming kids. I want to just throw money at them by that point. "Take everything I have, just give me food and give it to me quick!" But it was getting expensive. I was spending just as much at that McDonalds as I did at our family's favorite Mexican resturaunt. I needed a better plan of attack. If I'm spending $27, I don't want it to be for bad road food that's fast and full of all the stuff we don't want in our bodies. It is not worth it. So, after some trial runs I made up some road food rules. I thought I would share just in case any other families happen to find themselves at one of these fast food places on the road (you know you will)!

1. Ditch the happy meal/ kids meal system. Unless its truly cost efficient, don't bring another plastic toy into your life! And those pre-sliced apples that never go brown scare me. How are they preserved?

2. Split the value meals. Not everyone may want or need the large fries or the soda. Also, think about it from the standpoint of portion control. We truly don't need that big of an order of French fries do we? Not for one person.

3. Use the value or the dollar menu. It's bad food. Might as well be cheap. Don't buy a $7 salad from a road food place! Buy the dollar hamburger and move on. Eat healthy at home or at a place where the salads are good and worth $7.

4. Order water as much as possible and not the sodas. Especially for the kids. My kids don't even know sodas are available at these places. You can stop at a gas station and get a much cheaper soda if needed. (Unless its a Sonic soda which I can't resist at happy hour).

5. Stick to the classics. You'll find that the tried and true items on the menu that have been on there for a long time are usually the cheapest and the safest bet that they will be at least edible.

Here's an example of how my family of six ate at McDonald's for $9. (Really it was five because we are not including the infant who is still nursing).

I ordered my husband and I cheeseburgers from the dollar menu. I ordered my oldest daughter (age 7) a hamburger (plain with mustard) from the dollar menu. I ordered the 10 piece chicken nuggets value meal for my middle daughter (age 6) and son (22 months) to split. I ordered an extra dollar menu fries. My middle daughter doesn't like fries so I split the small fries between my son and oldest daughter. My husband and I split the larger fries and one of us got the soda that came with the meal. The rest got water to drink. Everyone was happy and satisfied. And it kept us all until we could take the time to make and eat some real food (at home later on). Now it took a few times to break the kids of their needs for happy meals, etc. But, the easiest way I did this was not going through the drive thru. My husband lets me out and I say, "I'm going in to get our food and I know what everyone likes". And be done with it. No room for whining. That's easiest when you have both parents on board at the time. It takes some getting used to either way for the kids but they get over it. It's not life or death. In the end, my road food rules have made these places less desirable for everyone which was my goal. Even if you are not on a budget like me, or even if you don't have as many kids as me, do you really want to spend that much for road food that's not going to make you feel very well afterwards anyway?

Stay tuned and I'll soon tell you how we order at real restaurants with our children to keep it cheap. I'm still perfecting that one.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Manning Zucchini Bread

This is a recipe from one of my grandmothers - Mammaw Manning. She made it all of the time. When I make it, it reminds me of her and I am thankful for the many loaves she made around the holidays or when we would visit her in Eudora, Arkansas.  However, this quick bread is the most unhealthy way to get some healthy veggies in my kids. But, they love it. I posted this because I am looking for a lower sugar version that gets more good stuff in them. But, for posterity and the fact that I am baking loaves right now for a breakfast choice this week, here it is:

Zucchini Bread
3 eggs beaten
3 tsp. vanilla
1 1/4 tsp. baking soda
2 cups peeled and grated zucchini
1 cup chopped nuts (pecans or walnuts)
1 cup oil
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp. salt
3 cups sugar
3 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. baking powder

Combine eggs, oil, vanilla, and mix well. In another bowl, combine dry ingredients. Add zucchini and dry ingredients to mixture. Add nuts. Flour and grease two or three loaf pans. (I use two regular size). Bake at 350 degrees for 60 minutes.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Biopic Friday: Top Five

If you know anything about me, you know that I devour biopics. I love them so much that I have sub-categories for my favorites. So, for Friday, I am listing my top five favorite artist/writer biopics. Watching these films affected me greatly, as they are about my most favorite artists and writers. I have included a You Tube of trailers. Also you can click on title for IMDB for trailers and information.

1. Frida

Portrays the artistic and private life of artist Frida Kahlo (released 2002). Selma Hayek plays Frida Kahlo and is amazing.

2. Pollock

Portrays the artistic and private life of artist Jackson Pollock. (Released 2000). Ed Harris and Marsha Gay Hardin (Lee Krasner) were amazing in this.

3. The Hours

This is somewhat of a stretch for a bio pic, but I still include.  (Released 2002). This film examines the life of three women, in different times, one being Virginia Woolf. It is adapted from a novel by the same name and I think is very much like a love letter to Virginia Woolf. Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, and Claire Danes are all amazing in this film.

4. Basquiat

This portrays the private and artistic life of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. (Released 1996). This film will break your heart and make you love and appreciate this artist. And David Bowie plays Andy Warhol.

5. Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle

This little gem is about the life and times of Dorothy Parker. I had a bit of trouble with Jennifer Jason Leigh as Mrs. Parker, but I settled into it and think she does a fabulous job at her portrayal. And, who doesn't adore Dorothy Parker?

I have many more. But, these are my top five and I believe worth watching. Several of these are beautiful tragedies. Alas, I am most likely more affected by the story of the artist's life than their work. I think the two go hand-in-hand. It makes me appreciate their art so much more.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eight Embarrasing things I've said to my kids today...

"Don't microwave your shoes, please."

"Why is there a rubber ducky on the roof?".

"Dr. Peppers are for mommies only".

"Can you please just watch TV for one minute!"

"Can we not like food that comes in packages so much?"

"Here, maybe you'll like this better with some ketchup."

"Not every day is a trip to the candy store."

"Give peace a chance". (well, that's not so embarrassing).


Monday, April 22, 2013

The Laundry Muse

I hesitate to post a picture of piled laundry, but I have no other way to say what it's like living in a house with two working parents, four kids, and a poodle. Well, the poodle doesn't add to the laundry, but she can certainly add to the stress (but that's another blog post). My mom tells me to do laundry once a day. My mother-in-law tells me to do it once a week. I used to go with the latter, but I'm thinking that "mother knows best". But, who wants to read a blog about laundry? Not me.
What I do want to read about is how to solve this pile of laundry. How to effectively get it done while my twenty month old tries to take apart the remotes in the house and play with electrical cords. Or while my oldest daughter wants to do seventeen art projects when she gets home from school. While my five year old takes off exploring in the woods by herself, and my newborn just wants to be nursed. How does one mom do it? I'd rather read someone else's Facebook status or read a good book! Anything than the reality that I have created for myself. However, I did not create it. God gave it to me. And, he intended for my life to be a blessing, not a curse. So, we cannot be unappreciative of what we are given. I am given a big fat pile of laundry in my floor. My house has never been so messy! The beauty lies within. That laundry pile that I must conquer is a pile of blessings. It means we are fortunate enough to clothe ourselves and our four kids. It means that I am physically able to care for my home, and it means that I have lived to see another day. So, thank you, God for this mess. It means I am still human and we still have work to do.

PS - a good smelling laundry detergent and fabric softener makes the job a little sweeter.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our House Spring 2013

First day of Spring.

Snowing, forsythia blooming
And birds.

Four day old baby - child number 4. Daughter number 3. Six deep in our house now.

My oldest daughter celebrating her seventh birthday eating popcorn, and appreciating Roald Dahl by watching "James and the Giant Peach". It's about a seven year-old. My middle daughter is fascinated that he also wrote "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Big discussion.

Patsy from Ab Fab is on "James and the Giant Peach". It really makes the movie.

Slowly getting the house in order from our crazy Spring break: birthday party, new baby sister born, new refrigerator, and coming through weeks of colds, stomach viruses, and ear infections from the kids. It was a crazy end to winter!

We are anxiously awaiting for brother to come home from his grandparents get-away week in Benton. So not too much cleaning...a nineteen-month old will be here to deconstruct it.

Much work to be done, many preparations... but finally at peace in the chaos.

Thankful my Aunt Sue sent us a fruit basket with plenty-o-peaches because the girls are mesmerized by "life in a peach" and are consuming them like crazy while watching the movie. It could be worse.

It's all about choosing good children's literature. I'm always on watch for who they consider their heroes.

We started the day with peach muffins from our new grocery store. I've been craving to go there.

Now...what to serve for dinner??

Saturday, February 16, 2013

What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf?

1. A Mr. Wolf turns his or her back to other kids who are standing about 5 meters behind.

2. The kids say, "what time is it, Mr. Wolf. He or she responds with a number like "three o'clock". The kids have to take that many steps forward.
They can be big or little steps.

3. After a few times of the call and response, after being asked the time, Mr. Wolf turns around and says, "dinner time!" He or she turns and chases the other kids who then run to safety at the line.

4. Whomever Mr. Wolf catches first has to be Mr. Wolf and continue the game.