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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Laundry Muse

I hesitate to post a picture of piled laundry, but I have no other way to say what it's like living in a house with two working parents, four kids, and a poodle. Well, the poodle doesn't add to the laundry, but she can certainly add to the stress (but that's another blog post). My mom tells me to do laundry once a day. My mother-in-law tells me to do it once a week. I used to go with the latter, but I'm thinking that "mother knows best". But, who wants to read a blog about laundry? Not me.
What I do want to read about is how to solve this pile of laundry. How to effectively get it done while my twenty month old tries to take apart the remotes in the house and play with electrical cords. Or while my oldest daughter wants to do seventeen art projects when she gets home from school. While my five year old takes off exploring in the woods by herself, and my newborn just wants to be nursed. How does one mom do it? I'd rather read someone else's Facebook status or read a good book! Anything than the reality that I have created for myself. However, I did not create it. God gave it to me. And, he intended for my life to be a blessing, not a curse. So, we cannot be unappreciative of what we are given. I am given a big fat pile of laundry in my floor. My house has never been so messy! The beauty lies within. That laundry pile that I must conquer is a pile of blessings. It means we are fortunate enough to clothe ourselves and our four kids. It means that I am physically able to care for my home, and it means that I have lived to see another day. So, thank you, God for this mess. It means I am still human and we still have work to do.

PS - a good smelling laundry detergent and fabric softener makes the job a little sweeter.

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