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Friday, July 5, 2013

A Constantly Revised List of Things My Parents Never Told Me About Being A Parent

1. You'll want to spoil them but not want them to be spoilt.

2. You'll always be in a constant state of nostalgia.

3. Patience is not a virtue like they say. It is an acquired skill.

4. You'll spend a lot of time losing and trying to match socks.

5. Unconditional love is real. Because your kids WILL grate on your nerves. Possibly a lot.

6. Things like eating and bathing in peace will be priceless luxuries.

7. Shopping for clothes moves to the kids section. Even if you have the money, you rarely have the time or the strength to shop for yourself.

8. The best stain removers and diaper rash creams will be more precious than gold.

9. Children are actually people...they have minds and wills of their own which may or may not go along with yours.

10. It's a job that you will never retire.

11. You can't get time back. So be diligent in spending it.

(I'm sure I will continue to add to and revise this list)

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