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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tavola Trattoria - Dining in Downtown Bentonville

It had a good vibe. Was a little different than the usual crowd, so I'm liking it. Felt very hip and "in". But, who cares! The food is what is important. Here's what I can speak about:

Very good rosemary and Parmesan bread served with marinara. They give it to you right away. We like that.

Fried olives served over arugula, with a marinara dipping sauce. Good but $6 is unnecessary. That's $1 an olive.

Gnocchi Formagii was pretty good. A little dense and very rich sauce. Had no problems finishing my plate.

But, the masterpiece was what my husband had: the Chicken Saltimbocca with portobello mushroom ravioli, chicken layered with prosciutto and sage, with a divine cream sauce. I had order envy!

Will be back to order that myself.

They had a great drink list and really wanted to sell us wine. Like really bad. But, no dinner salad with meal. Boo. They seem to have a good lunch menu as well.

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