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Sunday, July 22, 2012

NEVER AGAIN! Verde Limon Mexican Grill in Bella Vista, AR

I read about Verde Limon Mexican Grill in Bella Vista, Arkansas from the Fayetteville Free Weekly. I was excited because we do not get many places to eat in Bella Vista and I am a Mexican food junkie!

I apologize for there being no pictures. The experience I had was so unsettling, photography wasn't possible. I like Mexican restaurants and I like to eat local. It's too bad I can't support this one.

When my husband and I walked in, we were not greeted, nor was any other table that walked in. Once someone noticed we were waiting be seated, we were told by the waitress, "I'm not sure who your server will be, but I'll find out". Much to her dismay, she returned depressed to take our order.

The salsa was okay. Just okay. The chips were stale, old, and could have broken my teeth. We ordered the cheese dip, because I always say that it the the true test of a good Mexican restaurant. The cheese dip was moderate at best and only room temperature. It was a little messy trying to eat it.

We both ordered a combination plate with a stuffed bell pepper and taco. However, after the waitress burnt my arm setting the plate in front of me, I was disappointed to find no bell pepper. The bell pepper being absent from the stuffed bell pepper made the stuffing look like dog food. When the waitress was asked about the absence of the pepper, she shrugged. With the owner not being present, we took the manager, who also shrugged and didn't understand why the stuffed bell pepper doesn't have a bell pepper. They were clueless and didn't seem to care about our dissatisfaction.

The manager did offer to bring us something else, but based on the aroma of what was sitting before me, I could not imagine what else would be delivered from that kitchen on a Sunday night. We decided to just pay for the cheese dip and leave. That we did and I shall not return. I'm just happy I didn't have to put my children through this experience. They too love Mexican food and I want to keep it that way. I wish I had read Urban Spoon before visiting. Obviously, I am not the only dissatisfied customer.

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P.S. As there are little options for a taco in Bella Vista, we stopped by the Taco Bell in Jane, Missouri up the road. We had wonderful service with a smile, and piping hot food. This put things in perspective in regards to Verde Limon Mexican Grill.

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