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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Paradise Lost in A Donut

Paradise Donuts in Bella Vista is a little slice of hell on earth. I am sure none of you will ever need to be in this neck of the woods to eat donuts, but in case you are passing through, don't stop here! As you can see, we did not each most of them. And, it's a good thing because I don't think we could have handled it.

Super nice customer service. Very clean inside. Was even fine with looking past dropping the maple donut on floor and then offering it to us for free.

Horrible donuts! Thick, dry, smack-me- in-my-face-sweet. And we have a super high tolerance for sweet in this house..

The sausage and cheese pocket was unacceptable. Sausage goop would be a more appropriate title. I'm not sure if it had cheese or gravy in the middle. It was grey and a little hard to tell. The kids thought they were okay but didn't say much and didn't eat much.

Will not make this mistake again. Their Facebook page labels them as the "best donuts in Northwest Arkansas".

Guess we shouldn't be eating donuts anyway. May have to change this Saturday tradition.

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