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Friday, October 11, 2013

Leave the Mess! A List...

To all that say "leave the mess, enjoy the kids", I have a list:

1. You must not have to get up at 6 am to get kids ready and had to sift through unfolded laundry to find outfits, accompanied by a seven-year-old fashion melt down.

2. You must like to have toys strewn about the house, then step on a Lego sending your whole body into excruciating pain.

3. You must not like to have a place to sit when company comes over.

4. You must enjoy when your bare feet stick to the floors because your toddler goes on a "spilling frenzy".

5. You must like dirty bathrooms that you never get to clean because you are too busy picking up the mess in front of your eyes.

6. You must enjoy dishes piled in the kitchen because you were playing with your kids after dinner instead of cleaning the kitchen. 

7. You must love dirty glass doors with muddy handprints. It's cute and nostalgic, but what about when you finally get around to wiping them? It's a lot harder. 

8. You must love a messy car that has no bottom to it.

9. You must have a better way of coping with environmental chaos and I would like some pointers on that. 

10. You must have a full-time housekeeper.

Maybe I'm OCD, but is there not a balance? Maybe I'm just the product of a mother who kept an impeccable house. How do you have a clean house and happy kids, and time for yourself...not "time for yourself to clean"? Because the truth is - I DO NOT like to clean but I love a clean house. Lazy, huh? I'm working on it. But I would much rather take the kids somewhere fun, read books with them, and make art projects with them, than clean.

Daily maintenance and giving out responsibilities to kids seems to really work. But you have to start them early and be patient with the mess while you are training them. That's the only solution that seems to work. I must confess...I like a clean house! No judgements to any who have an unclean house, I do not have one either. But I long for the day that everything is in its proper place and clean. Sadly, it will probably be when my children have moved out, into their own houses, that will most likely be just as messy, and I'll smile at them, hug them, and say, "you'll get there"...just like my sweet mama does with me. 

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